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"I see Steve as often as I can for an 'M.O.T'"

Working both on and off stage in theatre takes its toll on the body. From unloading heavy scenery that needs to be built in a day to performing on stage in stilts as a Giant in Pantomine, the lasting damage to the body can be serious if it is not well looked after.

Over the many years I have known Steve he has not only successfully treated aches, pains and injuries, but armed me with an arsenal of exercises to prevent injuries returning.

I see Steve as often as I can for an 'M.O.T' where he continues to keep my physical health in optimum condition to meet the demands of my high intensity work schedule.

I have recommended many of my family to Steve and would not think twice about recommending Steve to anyone who may require treatment or prevention of recurring injuries.

James Herbert
Stage Technician/Actor

"Steve shocked me, he was so thorough with his examination!"
Nearly five months ago i suffered a slipped lower disc which consequently trapped the nerve to my left leg. The pain despite taking prescribed medication became at times so intense that i sought alternative treatments.

Different friends referred me to Chiroprators and Sports Massage Therapists but neither could make any difference to my mobility or alleviate the pain. I was offered an epidural but knowing this would only 'mask' the pain and not deal with the true cause i declined. I was worried surgery would be the only cure.

Following a particularly 'emotional' morning at work, a colleague insisted i paid Steve Crossley a visit. Feeling very reluctant to 'try someone else' i made an appointment. Steve shocked me, he was so thorough with his examination, something i hadn't experienced so far,he explained fully the cause of my problem and how he could help rectify it.

After my first treatment i noticed small improvements. After my second session i felt so much more physically and emotionally stronger i really couldn't believe the difference in such a short space of time.

I am looking forward to my next appointment as things can only improve further. I am just so glad that now the cause is being treated, the symptons are gradually fading and i no longer need to rely on pain relief to get me through each day.

Steve is a fantastic guy and well worth every penny spent in his care. He has given me the peace of mind that surgery is no longer an option. A thank you doesn't even begin to acknowledge his attentiveness and professionalism.

I would recommend his services to anyone!!!

"arthroscopic surgery and acupuncture did little to improve the situation"

I have a history of right knee pain and swelling following a ski-ing accident over 10 years ago.  Arthroscopic surgery and acupuncture did little to improve the situation and I have been very restricted in my level of activity ever since. 

During our first consultation and treatment session, Steve thoroughly examined my knee and general body posture.  He was able to identify that the movement of the knee was significantly being affected by over tight muscles in the right side of my lower back and right outer thigh.

Work on these tight muscles during the initial treatment almost immediately started to reduce the knee pain and swelling.  My condition has continued to improve with subsequent treatments and by doing the simple exercises specifically tailored for me by Steve.

Steve Crossley provides a very professional and effective treatment that I would highly recommend.

June Wenham

"Now I only need to see Steve for maintenance appointments every 3-4 months"

I first went to see Steve due to pain in my lower back and neck strain.  I
started off having appointments on a weekly basis and soon found that the
symptoms subsided. 

As well as the traditional osteopathic treatment Steve and I also discussed preventative measures that ranged from diet and posture to exercises and supplements.  Now I only need to see Steve for maintenance appointments every 3-4 months. 

I like Steve's holistic approach to treatments; he has an excellent understanding of how the body works and how to look after your body for optimum fitness and wellbeing.

Clare Westbrey-Tong

"Steve has a holistic approach which I find maintains activity levels and promotes speedy recovery."

My first meeting with Steve was almost 10 years ago now following acute back pain that looked likely to curtail an impending ski trip - as a result of being over-enthusiastic in the gym!

This was not the first episode of this problem, but certainly the worst. As a clinician myself I have always been impressed with the thoroughness of the assessment and the range of treatment modalities employed.

Whenever I see Steve there is typically immeadiate relief and yes, I did make the ski trip. Now I only need the occasional check-up thanks to the range of suitable exercises Steve suggests in addition to the 'hands-on' treatment.

Dr Simon Otter

"After the first session, the pain was so much better"

After a car accident and whiplash, I suffered episodes of shoulder and neck pain. This last Feb 2010, I had an acute neck pain whilst in the USA. I saw Steve as soon as I arrived back home and he expertly diagnosed the muscles which had gone into spasm.

After the first session, the pain was so much better and gradually over the next few weeks of treatment and doing the prescribed exercises at home, I became pain free and completly mobile again.

I have had no hesitation in recommending Steve to clsoe friends who have also found him highly effective in his treatment and impressed with his professionalism.

Bryan Flint
Retired Teacher

"I have seen Steve for a number of sport related problems, including back, knee and muscular strain; there has not been anything that he has not managed to resolve."
I have found Steve’s approach to be totally professional and he ensures an environment in which I felt relaxed and listened to. He provides a sound knowledge base for his treatment which instils confidence and trust.   
The treatment and follow up suggestions have fully resolved my problems. In relation to my back problem the use of the orthotics has meant that I have been pain free for over 10 years.  
Thanks to the help of Steve’s treatments I have managed to maintain my active lifestyle and never been hindered for an unnecessary period of time.  
I have been asked whether I had better ways to spend my money and I can honestly say, despite the credit crunch, I feel that it is worth far more to me than money can buy. My ability to do my job and get to the gym is of utmost importance to me. I feel that both the psychological and physical benefits I get from maintaining my healthy lifestyle far out way any financial costs I may incur. After all, you can’t put a price on happiness!  I would (and do) recommend Steve Crossley with confidence to my friends.
Tracy Lucas

"worked so well that I have now cancelled the operation"
"It's great to be able to have some control over the situation rather than having to rely on drugs and surgery to treat only the pain"
I had suffered low back and knee pain for quite some time and was told that I needed a knee operation, which had already been booked up. I went to see Steve Crossley who examined me thoroughly and told me that the knee problem was related to my spine. He gave me some treatment and some special exercises, which worked so well that I have now cancelled the operation as I don’t have any more knee pain and my lower back is also very much better. The exercises were very simple but amazingly effective as they addressed exactly what was going wrong with my body’s mechanics. It is great to be able to have some control over the situation rather than having to rely on drugs and surgery to treat only the pain. 
Jon Mitchell
Eastbourne Car Auctions 
" I tried the Back Mechanic and after one session was 80% pain free"
After being involved in a car accident and having severe lower back pain, resulting in needing to take several pain killers a day, I tried the Back Mechanic and after one session was 80% pain free. I could also start to drive again without any pain in my lower back or knee. After a few more sessions and advice on exercises and posture etc, my back is now almost fully recovered. I have not taken any painkelliers for over 6 months and can't thank Steve enough for the treatment i received.Thank you.
Lucy Johnstone
Property Manager

"I have to say the work you did on my Quadratus Lumborum and Gluteus Medius muscles before Christmas has really paid dividends....back playing golf again albeit badly - cant blame the back. I am virtually pain free most of the time. Still stretch many times throughout the day"
I was referred to Steve Crossley by my orthopaedic surgeon as he didn't feel that surgery would be of any benefit to my back problem.  I was sceptical at first, as I was in constant pain, have a long history of back problems since a serious car accident and couldn't imagine how anyone could help me.
Steve tested me thoroughly and identified the source of my pain which was muscular.  His treatment got right to the heart of the problem by relaxing the tight muscles and releasing the locked joints.  He then gave me some simple but very effective exercises to do on a daily basis to help realign my spine and restabilize the joints.
Stephen Bartlett
Account Director - CA Ltd
"after one or two more visits things rapidly returned to normal"
“Having suffered from lower back pain for most of my adult life I was, without warning, struck with severe muscle spasm and extreme pain in the area. Unable to move I contacted Steve immediately and made arrangements to visit his clinic. After an initial consultation and treatment the discomfort was dramatically reduced; after one or two more visits things rapidly returned to normal. Steve focuses upon both treatment and prevention. Having completed the treatment for my pain and discomfort he also spent time discussing my life style and suggesting exercises that could be used to strengthen my lower back; as a consequence I remain pain free and am also able to carry out certain exercises that curtail the pain when I feel the problem coming on” “Steve has a gentle and reassuring manner; is first class at responding to emergencies and putting people at ease” 
Mr C. Alsop
Management Consultant 
"Steve has become a trusted lifestyle advisor"
 • Steve Crossley has provided first rate remedial treatment with a strong focus on prevention rather than repetitive treatment. With his extensive knowledge of the mind-body connection, Steve has also become a trusted lifestyle advisor.
 • Whilst I still go along to his clinic on emergency basis, the frequency of such treatments has reduced dramatically over the years. I also attend for back MOT’s as a way to ensure that problems do not reoccur in future.
 • Steve Crossley runs a very professional clinic offering a wide and varied range of treatments. He and his staff are accommodating and friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.
Richard Hand
Corporate Accountant
"I feel very lucky to have found a practitioner with his breadth of skill and infinite patience."
I am 84 years old and had all the normal ailments which are unavoidable at my age. Creaky limbs, weak muscles and much less energy than I would like.
It is now 18 months since mylast knee replacement andI have been seeing Steve for a year.  The difference is wonderful, he has worked steadily to bring me back to the best condition I can be.
His holistic approach and expertise has not only strengthened muscles weakened by operations, but he has improved other ailments and my general wellbeing with an exercise routine and motivational and practical advice and encouragement.  I feel very lucky to have found a practitioner with his breadth of skill and infinite patience.
In this day and age most people of my age receive nothing more than palliative care and Steve has given me the same care and support as any athlete training for the olympics.
I cannot recommend his services highly enough.
Wally Barnett
"My treatment has been a great success"
I had been suffering with foot pain for 5 weeks after an accident. The examination and treatment were very professional and within 3-4 weeks my pain was eased. My treatment has been a great success and I would like to thank Steve very much for the help I received. 
Mrs M. Littley 
 "I felt 50% better after just one treatment and progress has been brilliant since then"
I had been suffering with lower back pain and sciatica in my right leg for 2 months before I went to see Steve at his Back Mechanic Clinic. The consultation and examination were very thorough and professional. I felt 50% better after just one treatment and progress has been brilliant since then. The professional approach puts you at ease immediately and when he says he can do something for you, it instils confidence, which goes well to solve the problem. 
Mr A. Elphick
Retired businessman 
"Steve is my back mechanic"
I do a fair bit of running, so from time to time my back plays me up. Steve is my back mechanic. Whenever I get a twinge, I go and see him for a pre-emptive strike. After a couple of sessions, my back is back in full working order, ready for more abuse. Steve is highly professional and his in-depth knowledge puts you instantly at ease. He has my whole-hearted endorsement and I am delighted to recommend his services. 
Tim Cobb
Managing Director
"not only has the injury been able to heal, but there have been other benefits to my physical health and sporting performance"
Having overplayed rugby at school and for ERFC under 16's, I had developed a bone spur on my heel.  After a series of treatments with Steve Crossley and a personalised exercise programme, custom designed to address the underlying cause of the problem; not only has the injury been able to heal, but there have been other benefits to my physical health and sporting performance. Due to Steve's holistic approach to therapy and the tailor-made exercise programme he wrote for me, I feel very confident in recommending Steve Crossley at www.backmechanic.co.uk to any up and coming sporting superstar and other future patients. 
Tom Biltcliffe
Eastbourne RFC and Harlequins School of Rugby 

"a few sessions with Steve has cured the problem"

I have had lower back pain for the past 8 months and a few sessions with Steve has cured the problem. I am now back to running 20 to 30 miles per week. I would highly recommend Steve Crossley.

Simon Swift
Ashurst Accountants