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3D-Biomechanics - Service And MOT Package

 If you own a car, you spend a considerable amount of money each year on just maintaining it so that it's fit to drive on the road.  You know that if your vehicle isn't properly tuned, aligned and balanced, poor performance, excessive wear and tear and eventually breakdowns are inevitable.

What about your "life-vehicle", your body mechanics? (Biomechanics)

Think about how your body feels and functions during sports and physical activities.  Does it feel like a finely tuned and well oiled machine?  Or does it seem more like a rusty old bike with bent wheels, flat tyres and a stiff chain?  Maybe you're somewhere in between, but you know you could feel better...

Do you feel like your body is becoming old, weak and inflexible?

Do you have a particular goal you want to achieve that involves getting fitter, stronger, more flexible, losing weight?  Do you want to climb a mountain, run a marathon, play better golf, or just be able to live your life feeling healthy and free from pain and dysfunction?

Do you suffer from occasional backache, stiff hips, knee pain?

General muscle and joint aches and pains tend to become more common as we age, but that doesn't mean they are caused by aging, or that you have to put up with declining structural fitness.  Pain is usually a sign that your body's mechanics are out of balance!

When was the last time you treated your body to a service and MOT?

3D-Biomechanics - Is all about maintaining efficient biomechanics through knowing what type of treatment to give your body and which specific exercises to do to improve your own biomechanical efficiency.   

We live in a 3 Dimensional environment and our bodies evolved to work in 3 dimensions of movement, not just to sit, stand and walk.  When you invest in the 3D-Biomechanics Assessment and Personal Training Package, you'll learn about the"Essential 7" movement patterns and how they relate to total structural fitness.

Are you a Formula 1 Ferrari, a Ford Fiesta or a Rolls Royce?

No two bodies are the same, so it doesn't make sense to do an "off the peg" exercise programme, when you can have a programme tailored to your requirements.  After all, Lewis Hamilton doesn't take his racing car to the local Autofit centre for servicing and maintainence.

Most conventional approaches to exercise are far too general and limited in their effectiveness because they don't focus on improving biomechanical efficiency and movement patterns.

After having a 3D-Biomechanics assessment, you will be given a custom designed stretching and mobility programme that addresses your own particular imbalances and deficiencies. 

If you have any ongoing orthopaedic issues, the programme can be adapted to take this into account and even include a treatment plan.

The 3D-Biomechanics assessment is the equivalent of a full Inspection Service and MOT for your body.  It takes around one hour and is used as the basis for a personalized and custom designed treatment and exercise plan to optimize the way your body functions physically.  In fact it's the best way to find out if you are structurally fit enough to do what you want to do without fear of strain and injury. 

This is what you get:

Full body postural and biomechanical assessment including:
  • Postural Assessment
  • Flexibility Assessment
  • Gait Mechanics Analysis
  • Spinal Curve Measurement
  • Pelvic Angle Assessment
  • Forward Head Carriage
  • 1st Rib Angle
  • Functional Ranges of Movement
  • Leg-Length Discrepancy Check
  • Reflex Testing
  • Hamstring Length : Tension
  • Functional Balance and Co-ordination
  • Abdominal Core Stability
  • Neck and Shoulder Mobility and Stability
I use specially designed (and very expensive) measuring and diagnostic equipment for this type of physical assessment.  I guarantee that you won't have had a more thorough and comprehensive biomechanical check up, ever...
You will be given your assessment results in a report and training programme that you can then take away and use to correct any imbalances and work on improving your body's mechanics.  If you require further help, guidance and motivation to get the most out of your personal programme, I'm here to help, support and encourage you all the way to achieving your potential for optimizing your body's mechanical fitness.

"This package is the most scientific, comprehensive and effective approach to reducing pain, improving function and preventing injury that you'll find outside the top clinics in London - and at a fraction of the cost."

That's right, imagine what you would have to pay to get the same type of package in Harley Street!  I've trained and worked with Harley Street specialists and I can tell you that what I'm offering is great value, especially considering my 20 years training and experience specializing in the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

Would you be willing to invest in your long-term health and fitness a fraction of what it costs you to maintain your car for a year?

If you are looking to improve your general health, fitness and biomechanics with me as your personal coach and therapist, then this could be the best investment you ever make.

Price On Application.

So, don't delay...call Steve Crossley "The Back Mechanic" today on 01323 647711 to book your 3D-Biomechanics Assessment