Osteopathy - Rehabilitation - Lifestyle - Performance - Your Personal Back Pain Specialist
The Consultation
During the consultation you will be asked about your personal details, your medical and health history and the symptoms and history of your problem.  This enables the specialist to gain a thorough understanding of your problem and begin to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. You will be encouraged to ask any questions you feel necessary to help you understand your problem and the treatment process.

The Examination
For the examination you will be required to strip down to underwear to allow the specialist to assess your posture, biomechanics and muscle and joint function.  This may involve some simple movements and some standard orthopaedic tests such as reflexes and muscle testing.

The Treatment
The treatment is always tailored and adapted to the individual to address their particular needs whilst minimizing unnecessary pain and discomfort.  Typically a treatment will involve some massage, mobilisation and joint manipulation. Other modalities commonly used include ultrasound, acupuncture and electronic muscle stimulation.

Aftercare and Advice
Rehabilitation from back pain and injuries is normally an ongoing process rather than a quick fix. Most people require a minimum of 3 treatment sessions to achieve lasting benefit. Different people react differently to treatment and it's not unusual for it to take 24 hours or so before feeling the benefit.  You will be given advice about what to do and what to expect after your first treatment and you will be able to contact your specialist if you have any futher questions or concerns. You may also be given some "homework" to do in the form of some self-help exercise.